A Preview on the Return of Mud Season

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mudseasonLYNDONVILLE- With the spike in temperature today and rain with temperatures expected in the fifties for tomorrow, some of the monstrous snow piles have begun to dwindle, and will continue to do so tomorrow. While most people are loving the spring like feel, to some people this time of year is the worst.


Dubbed "Mud Season" for a reason, the frigid temperatures at night harden the ground but when they are warmed up by either sunlight or warmer temperatures, the water frozen in the ground melts and begins to get soft. As cars drive on it and "rut it out", roads can become trecherous for many and even impassible for some.

Sheila Leonard is a resident of Lyndonville, and like a lot of people around here she lives off of a dirt road. When asked asbout mud season and how it affected her as someone who lives off of a dirt road, she explained that "You pretty much go down the hill in the morning when its firm and if at all possible, wait and go home in the evening when it's firmed up again. [Driving] can be challenging, I have a truck so that helps a little bit. But anybody with a low car sometimes that can be very challenging getting home."

With temperatures not expected to dip above freezing tonight, and warmer wetter weather making its way into the region, conditions like those pictured above will not be uncommon. Worse could be expected in terms of flooding, as rainfall with the added snow melt may cause rivers to overflow and ice jams to break.