Chronic Pain Managment And Needles

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NORTHEAST KINGDOM -There are many ways for people with chronic pain to help combat some of their symptoms. Some methods of therapy can even take away differents forms of muscular pain and discomfort.


    Methods such as dry needling which target specific tight and irritated muscle tissues. Dry needling uses acupuncture needles, but does not target the same response systems in the body. Rather it is more specific right down to the muscle.  

“Dry needling is used to treats special muscle points within a tissue” Says Tom Turek a chiropractor from Northern Community Chiropractic.

The idea of a needle being inserted into the skin can be very scary for some, but for patients who have received this treatment it is very much painless.

“So typically it’s not painful at all. But this is much less uncomfortable than say getting your blood drawn” States Turek

Not everyone qualifies for dry needling. Many get referred to do this after trying many other forms of therapy such as massage or electrical stimulation. It also is a bit more natural than injections typically used for chronic muscle pain.