Picking for Your Neighbor

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applepickingCabot- Local Apple Orchards and the Food Bank of Vermont are teaming up to turn a favorite fall activity into something a little more meaningful.
"Pick For you Neighbors" is a program where people can buy a few extra apples and dontate them to the Food Bank. These apples are than distrupte through the state of vermont to people and families in need. "The mission of the Vermont Foodbank is to gather and share quality food and nurture partnerships so that no one in Vermont will go hungry."
Burtts Orchard has over 40 different apples to pick from, and they also particapting in the program. Greg Burtt the owner says, "We match whatever people give so however many apples that someone comes and picks and donates we will give the same amount of apples too." Which makes for a great way to get families in need, healthy local products. while also reducing plate miliage and increasing a sense of community in the state.
Nicole Whalen, the director of communication and public affairs the promgram is running "Throughout mid-october the vermont food bank is partnering with orchards throughout the state of vt on pick for your neighbor." The best way it works she says is to "rally a bunch of freidns to head out to anOrchard to pick and purchase some extra apples that are then left at the orchard to be dontated to the Vermont Food Bank.
These apples, after reachering the Vermont Food Bank. Are brought to the families and individual in need of something to eat. Giving an even bigger meaning to many peoples  favorite fall activities with the simple pick of an apple.