Barnet Teacher Resigns Calls for New Behavior Policy

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BARNET -After one week of classes, The Barnet School's newest teacher. Mr. Brewster resigned due the amount of behavioral issues he witnessed as a new teacher at the school.

Mr. Brewster, the newly hired STEM teacher stated in his resignation letter, "the number of distractions interrupting my lessons and the amount of time wasted worries me moving forward, and I don't want my first experience to be affected in such a derogatory way."

"In my first five minutes at the school, I witnessed a 7th grade student use the 'F' word repeatedly towards the homeroom teacher and other staff members as he was asked to leave and as he tried to re-enter the classroom," wrote Brewster in a statement on the town's community Facebook page. "Many of the children inside the classroom laughed at this behavior and outburst, and I was left feeling completely appalled," he wrote.

Brewster's resignation and the reasons for it caused Principle Shawn Gonyaw to call a mandatory 7th and 8th grade parent meeting Thursday night. During the meeting, parents, students, and teachers shared their personal stories of their behavioral experiences. From bullying, to disruptions of class, many feel that the administration is lacking a effective disciplinary plan.

Principle Gonyaw said that he is willing to take the blame for this, but it's up to everyone to make an effort in improving the learning environment.

"The families at Barnet care deeply about their school, and were willing to come in and spend their evening talking about a problem that we have, and talking about how to solve that problem," Gonyaw said.

He says that the community has come up with solutions that they all agree on and the administration will be working on implementing them in the weeks to come.