NEK Aquatics Swims into New Season

nekaquaticsLYNDONVILLE- The Northeast Kingdom Aquatics team is making a splash as the start their new season. This year the team is welcoming some new faces to the program.Head coach Ted Chitambar says, "We've got a bunch of new faces, new swimmers, new coaches. It's a very exciting time to be on the team and on the deck."

 One new coach this year is Larissa Gremberling who's excited to take on the role of coach for the first time ever. "My favorite part is working with the kids because it's a lot of fun we can be silly and act like animals or we can be serious and I can be one of their worst enemies at times. We can work hard but still have a lot of fun. In the end it's a really rewarding thing, not just for myself but the kids and the parents." She adds that seeing an improvement in their skills even from one practice to the next makes it all worth it.

New swimmers are excited for what the season has to offer, eight year old Sara Lund says her favorite parts, "I like to swim with friends and I like the feel of the water." One of the biggest goals the team has set for themselves is improvement. Chitambar adds, "Just for the kids to have fun. That's the most important thing, I want the kids to have a good time. To want to be here, because if they don't want to be here then their not going to want to improve."

The team is excited to take on the new challenges and what the season has to bring.

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