Northeast Kingdom Enters Darkness

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TreeNORTHEAST KINGDOM- May the fourth be with you, may the power not be with you because of the storm. Friday, May 4th, Vermonters got hit with a thunderstorm. Many people were without power due to trees on power lines and more.

 This past year there have been a few instances of power outages. As generation that revolves around electronics as entertainment, not many people understand what goes behind the scenes when the power goes out. Lyndonville Electric has a system where they are always ready and alert incase the power goes out.

Jason Lefebvre, Superintendent of Operations, explained, "I understand when the power goes out, a lot of people get very impatient. We get lots of calls asking when the power's going to come back on, or if people should turn on their generators. We really do try to work quickly and efficiently to get the job done, but there's only so many of us, ya know?"

Lyndonville Electric kept community members up-to-date on their tasks and what areas they planned to tackle during the weekend of the storm. Lefebvre explained there's some parts of the NEK where the power goes out all the time, and people are used to it and just wait for Lyndonville Electric to fix the power. While other areas, such as Lyndonville, have many people who are impatient and get frustrated.

Patty Jefferson, resident of Sheffield, explained her situation during the storm. "I wasn't really worried to be honest. This stuff happens all the time and we just learn to be patient and try to occupy out time while the power company does their job."

Lyndonville Electric worked for twenty-four hours straight to make sure customers were satisfied with their power returning. From working in Sheffield to Wheelock, Lyndonville Electric noted which areas needed focus and work.

"Ya know I don't think this was the worst storm we've had; I think there's been a few summers where we had to work for a week straight to make sure everyone had power. We couldn't have done anything different from this storm, I think we had enough supplies and people to make sure our customers were happy," Lefebvre explained.

Trees all over the Northeast Kingdom were down, but luckily Lyndonville Electric did not face any safety issues. With safety precautions, the workers were able to take down many trees.

"This is what we're trained to do, we assess the situation, figure out where the problem began, and work our way through until everyone has power. I don't think people understand the time and effort that goes into making sure everyone has power. A lot of people assume we just take too long to get to their location, but that's never the case," Lefebvre said.

Lefebvre wants the community to know Lyndonville Electric works efficiently every day for situations like this storm. Everyday workers are told to pack the trucks to prepare for situations of fallen trees on power lines, or broken conductors. By Monday afternoon, Lyndonville Electric visited every location that did not have power.

Storm Recovery from NewsLINC on Vimeo.