Bike Season

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Bike Season 2 2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMBURKE-Bike season is here and the Northeast Kingdom Trails is prepping for the upcoming season. The trails Operation Manager, Erin Donnelly talked about safety tips and what people can expect for the upcoming season. She also had mentioned that even though there are workers that get paid all year round, there are people that volunteer for the sake of helping.

Donnelly explained some safety tips for people for when they are riding bikes especially for kids. There has been concerns in the community for kids that ride their bikes. Kids have been riding their bikes and not paying attention to on coming traffic or any other surroundings.

"When it comes to riding the trails we always ask that we highly recommend people to wear helmets when they are out on the trials themselves. Also it is really important to make sure that you're looking ahead of where you are riding," said Donnelly.

One of the upcoming big events that the KTA will be hosting is the Nemba Fest which is going to be held June 22-24. Many community members and volunteers come and help set this event up along with many of the other events that are hosted throughout the summer.

"So KTA is a volunteer driven endeavor. A nine member Board of Directors, compromised of dedicated local citizens," they" create policy and strategic planning for all of our events here. We have a very good group here that helps set up for the events, without them our events wouldn't be possible it is fantastic," said Donnelly.

The trails will be continued to be opened for bikers until winter.