Barnet School Creates a Music Garden

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barnet thumbBARNET- 6th grade students at the Barnet school are working on a new project, a music garden for the younger students at their school. The students got the idea after attending a Vermont Rural Partnership celebration where schools get together to share ideas and projects they have created at their schools.


Yasmine Vincent a 6th grade student says, "we're going to recycle things like pots and pans and were going to get drumsticks or create them for the little kids to bang on and were going to make it different heights so that big and little kids can play on it."

The school received a grant from VRP for the project and the students have been seeking donations from the community to help with the project. Antiques and Emporium and ...donated pots, pans, and wood to help the students.

The students have decided they are going to build their music garden on the lower half of the playground so that it is accessible for all students and are excited to add something new to it.

Student Siri Jolliffe says, "I think it will look cool because we just got a playground and it is all plastic and I think to have something like that there with all metal and a wood structure it's going to look cool."

And the students feel that being able to recycle goods helps out everyone. Sam Babcock says, "were doing something for our community and not throwing something out, we're reusing stuff."

The music garden is set to start being built in the beginning of June.