Wheelock Receives Grant for Ditching Project

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Wheelock Ditching 2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMWHEELOCK- The town of Wheelock is starting a ditching road project on Matthewson Hill Road. The project will redesign the current roadside ditches to improve the quality of the road. The project is funded by a grant through "The Better Back Roads" Program as well as the NVDA. This program helps improve the quality of the water throughout the state and promotes the use of erosion control.

"The road is built upon layers and when those layers break it cause the road to become a dirt road. Dirt roads are harder to maintain which is why we try to do projects like this to help the erosion control, " said Jason Larocque Road Foreman Town of Wheelock.

The project will also help prevent the road from flooding and mudding from happening. Laroque explained how it can help the environment as well.

"It will improve the run off so there's not as much run off will sediment in the road "also" so that the road does not end up in the streams, the rivers and eventually the lakes, that type of thing it also helps with the phosphorus run off and that type of thing to improve stream quality.I would like to see our fish and other wildlife be protected and by doing this project it will help them be protected, " said Larocque.

The bid for the project is due today May 10th. The project's bid contract recipient will be revealed during Monday May 14th's select board meeting. The start of the project is still unknown, however they plan on finishing the project on June 20th.