Projects in the NEK

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construction thumbnailAROUND THE NEK - Towns within the Northeast Kingdom have begun a renewal process. More to the point, many towns in our area have begun to take on more daring projects that will benefit their towns greatly. The town of Lyndonville is a great example with the large amounts of benefits and public projects that they have been putting on as of late in order to attract new people to the area. However, this is just one small example; on the grand scheme, other towns have begun construction projects which are meant to revitalize and renovate their town.

The town of East Burke is a perfect example. They have undertaken a construction project which is set to take place through the summer which will add new water diversion pipes through the main areas of town in order to lower the chances of flooding from the Passumpsic river.

"This project will divert the water and ensure that an overflow doesn't take place," said Darrell Martin, a construction worker on site, "We are also working on adding a granite sidewalk on both sides of the road going through the main strip of town, it will make walking through East Burke a whole lot safer."

Another town that is taking advantage and looking to revitalize their area is St. Johnsbury who has recently undergone the renovation and remodeling of their Sewer, Storm, and Water pipes that flow through town. The reason being that they look to limit the overflows that are usually a problem with parts of the town that (just like Burke) are close to the Passumpsic River. Chad Whitehead, the Town Manager for the town of St. Johnsbury, admits that the project will take more than a year to complete, but is very optimistic about the outcome of the project.

"This is a project that we have needed to address, so it was going to have to happen sooner or later, but that being said we have the right people on the job and they are working very diligently."

he explained,

"With a project like this, it is very important that it is done right, and the company working on the project is very good about working hard and sticking to the plan, they haven't had very many delays either; so as long as the project continues as planned it should be finished by the end of summer next year."