New Poultry Sitting Business In Peacham

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Chicken thumPEACHAM- After living all around the world and the country the past few years, Cecilia Kane decided to move back to her home state of Vermont. She settled in Peacham in January and over the past few months she was looking for she decided to settle in the town of Peacham. Over the past several months she was looking for a way of extra income and a way to spend her free time; and the Pet and Poultry Sitting with Love and Care business was hatched.


Kane says, "I noticed so many young people have small coops and these are people that are used to taking vacations. And I thought that since I've had this experience in chicken farming, that I could offer that easily, and let these people get away for a while."
At first some people thought the idea was strange but Kane, who lived in the country of Turkey in the 1970's already had the chicken farming experience.


"My husband is Turkish and we went over there at the time for an adventure and we had 500 birds flown in from Istanbul and after the chickens had grown and had eggs. He would put them on the back of his bicycle and ride around the village and yell 'yumurta adam' which means 'egg man'. And people would send baskets down from apartment windows.

She says that taking care of so many birds at once was a big task. "500 birds is a lot, maybe not by American standards. But for this kind of standard it is."

Kane's tasks include letting out chickens out of the coop in the morning, gathering and counting eggs, and feeding the chickens, and traditional dog walking.