Burke Bids on Water System

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Burke Bid 2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMEAST BURKE - The Tata and Howard Company from St. Johnsbury came to the Burke Mountain Club Friday to publicly reveal the bids for putting in a new water system in the town of Burke. The goal of the project is to build a new storage tank that will connect to the current well system located in a park in East Burke.

"It's almost 11,000 feet of water main they have to put in, and everything that goes along with that, and water serves as connecting people. They have to dig a trans and put the new pipe in, and then you bury it six to six and a half feet into the ground, so that it doesn't freeze," said Gary Leach, Vice president of The Tata and Howard Company.

Four different water companies bid on the project, the most expensive coming in at 2 million dollars. The winner of the bid is normally the company who has the lowest bid.

These bids are part of a larger project being worked on through the town's Water Distribution Systems Project that will be located on Route 114 and up through Ridge and Walker roads. The overall scope of the project will consists of furnishing and installing valves, fittings, hydrants, processing and drain piping, site work, gravel and access road, final restoration, constructing a well control building, piping and valves, chemical feed system, metering, a standby generator and any miscellaneous small diameter piping. All of this work is being done under the guidance of the Burke Fire Department.

People who bid on the project are allowed to reject it if they don't want to take on the work.