Barnet Counselor Wins Award

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Emma PhotoBARNET- The Barnet School held their weekly community meeting this morning. These meetings are a time for the school community to get together, celebrate birthdays, individual achievements, and classroom success.

For guidance counselor Angel Roy, she received a surprise award for her own individual achievements. The "New School Counselor of the Year Award" given by the Vermont School Counselor Association. This award is given to guidance counselors in the state of Vermont with five or less years or less experience.

"Miss Angel", as the students call her reacted to the award as a total shock, "It was a complete surprise, very unexpected". She says it was an honor to share the award with her students and fellow staff members. And her favorite part of her job is her students and the smiling faces and hugs she always recieve. "I love working with the students. They're a lot of fun, they're unexpected you never know what you're going to get." She says she enjoys that her day is always different when she walks through the door.

As for her students, fourth grade student Aubrielle Gibson says she loves Miss Angel because when her and her friends get into arguments, Miss Angel is always there to help resolve the problem. "She'll just make it better, we had lunch with her and we just worked it out and now we're best friends".
Principal Shawn Gonyaw says "they love her, they spend a lot of time Miss Angel solving problems and getting through difficult times." Gonyaw says he'd known about Roy winning the award fro almost two months and it was taught keeping it a secret from her, "It's been a lot of work, to make sure we get our assembly up and going without her knowing, especially with 210 kids."

Suzanne Francke, Awards Chairman says the association is a state organization that promotes the profession of school counseling and the work the that counselor's do everyday.Roy has been apart of the Barnet School for 19 years and has worked as a counselor for four of those years.