Calex Contract for Barnet

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Calex Barnet ThunmbnailBarnet - The Barnet selectboard was one of two town select boards that reviewed a contract sent to them by the Calex Ambulatory Service Monday the 27th. This is the second time that they have reviewed the contract in the past six months, and with the town appropriation request deadline fast approaching, the members of Calex need an answer soon.

 Out of the five towns in our local area that Calex sent contracts to, the only town that has accepted the contract so far is the town of Waterford. Other towns, like Barnet, are apprehensive to accept the contract for multiple reasons, one of the largest being the increases in costs for service over the three-year contract period. This price increase would gradually occur over the three year period, leading to taxpayers being charged an annual cost of twenty dollars for the emergency services. Select board members do not like that the last year of the contract set prices that are almost doubled what the town paid for the service in 2016. The board feels that for the time span of three years, the price for service should not be as expensive.

A representative from Calex to the town of Barnet attended the meeting to answer any questions that the board had. Celina Wright has been a long time member and supporter of Emergency services and had a lot to say about the appropriations and contracts. "We decided to double-dip this year. We are asking for an increase in appropriations, due to the rising cost of services; also, we are asking for the local towns to put ambulance services under a three-year contract to ensure continual necessary funding."

Although members of the Barnet select board are apprehensive to sign the town into a contract, they do not deny that Calex is a valuable resource to the town. "The town of Barnet knows that Ambulatory services are a necessity for the town, and we are happy that Calex offers these services, and has been so reliable for so many years." said Jeremy Roberts, Chair of the select board, "However, at this time myself and the rest of the board feel that these changes in prices are too drastic to be decided on by the board alone. We hope that Calex will continue to be patient and continue to help us with information moving forward in the next few months as public forums are held to inform the town and get their input on the matter."

After the meeting was held, Celina Wright offered her thoughts on the Contract and what it means for Calex and the town. "Whether Calex is under a special appropriation with the town, or under a three-year contract, the price for service will not change. Calex has looked into the costs for the next three years and has planned accordingly to what prices will be expected moving forward. The prices presented in the Contract will be the same prices that Calex presents to the towns if they remain as a special appropriation. The Contract only ensures that these payments will be made, and that Emergency services will continue to provide for the town over the next three years."

Mrs. Wright said that the contract was created to eliminate the risks that come with being a town appropriation. "Being an appropriation of each town, Calex's funding is decided on each year, and the appropriation has never been denied and I hope that it never is; but then the town and the ambulance service are both wondering how they are going to provide 9-1-1 service to the town."