Sheffield Power Outages

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sheffieldmeeting SHEFFIELD - During Wednesday's Select Board meeting, members of the Sheffield Select Board discussed the impact the town received from the devastatings storms that occured this past weekend. 


Nearly four days after the storms there were about seven thousand peolpe still without power across the state of Vermont. The high winds caused severe damage to telephone poles and power lines. In Sheffield, some residents were without power for up to seventy hours while crews worked to relpace the broken poles. 

Sheffield's Town Clerk, William St. Peter, described which areas of the town were hit the worst. "What we refer to as East Sheffield, which is basically anything east of the interstate, which is served by Lyndon Electric Company was out," said St. Peter. "We were probably one of the shortest areas at the sixteen hours." 

Despite the long power outage the town did not decide to open a shelter for residents. Emergency managers were considering using the loacl school, but only in the school still had power since it does not have a generator to keep the lights on in case of a power outage. 

According to the Lyndon Electric Company there are currently no power outages in teh area. Also, all elecricity lost from the storm has been restored.