Small Town Crime

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harveyslakevndalismBARNET- The town of Barnet has been one of the most quiet, small, and tight knit communities in the Northeast Kingdom. That has changed within the past few weeks.


A string of vandal type activities have happened in the town. On Sunday morning, residents reported having there homes, beachfront, and even businesses covered in graffiti. The Harvey’s Lake beachfront and the West Barnet garage were among the victims. The West Barnet garage has contacted the police about what they can do to catch the offenders.

“My husband came back Sunday morning at around 10:30 AM,” said Darlene Coty of the West Barnet Garage. "When he came out of the office he found all this graffiti and he looked at the front of the building and found more on the doors.”

The graffiti on the West Barnet garage building could be there for some time since it is very hard remove. Coty says that she had to use a razor blade to strip the paint off of the shop's window. She hopes that it is just children playing a prank on the community and she is doing everything she can to avoid these type of acts from happening again.

“All I can do is ask my neighbors if they saw anything and anything outside of the building I am putting inside to avoid anybody breaking anything,” said Coty.

However, that is not the only activity that has happened. At the end of September, Morris Roberts‘s son and grandson found .22 shell casings and bullet holes on a town basketball court. Roberts’s wife had heard gunshots prior to around the time that the damage to the court was discovered.

This could be a problem because to replace the backboard on the court it could be expensive and Roberts does his best to maintain the courts for the kids in the community. 

Morris has reported the damage to the State Police, but he has not heard anything since. “Id like to see them stop, I have never seen anything like this in town before, it is a pretty quiet peaceful town”.