Preparations for Columbus Day

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Columbus Day ThumbnailBURKE- Indigenous People’s Day Weekend is one of the most busiest weekends for Kingdom Trails. 






With hopes of a beautiful weekend, Kingdom trails maintains their trails at all times, and expects lots of people to enjoy the beautiful scenery. People from all over the area come to see the foliage and enjoy many popular activities in the town. 


Erin Donnelly, operations manager of Kingdom Trails, explains they have extra staff for the weekends. They are prepared for any time of situation, whether it is parking or information assistance. 


“Columbus day is by far one of the most busiest weekends in town, also it is a Canadian holiday it’s their Thanksgiving as well,” said Donnelly. 


Kingdom Trails plans to close at the end of October. They shut down for the month of November due to hunting season, and then reopens for the winter season starting in December when conditions allow them to open.