Good Enough for Learning

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peacham fall foliage 2k17PEACHAM- On Thursday, Peacham held it's fall foliage festival around town.

Right next to the Town Hall is the Ashbel Goodenough Blacksmith Shop.

 "A few times a year they open it and do some demonstrations, it's a really cool thing to bring kids to it and it's really neat thing to see," said Rebecca Washington the Assistant Town Clerk of Peacham.

The blacksmith shop was donated to the Peacham Historical Association back in the 1960's.

"In the 1960s it was being used as storage or a local farmer and he donated it to the historical association because it was the historic blacksmith shop," said Blacksmith Ed Schinder.

Schinder gives demonstrations when the shop is open, and says that this is a great teaching tool for kids.

"So much of our education is oriented toward book learning and toward literacy which is important skill, but also is intelligence in the hands and in the eyes and in eye hand coordination."

Schinder says that he got into blacksmithing because of his love of tools.

"To me it's still a hardware store, if I need something the question I can ski is can I make it. And only if I can't make ir do I need to get something that is manufactured."

"So much of the blacksmith's job is having good eye and good coordination, to do these things, and when you have hot metal, do them quickly and safely," Schinder went on to say.

The shop also gives demonstrations on the Fourth of July.

Peacham Fall Foliage Festival from NewsLINC on Vimeo.