A 'Fresh' Look for Barnet Utility Lines

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powerlineBARNET- Utility lines in Barnet are about to get some much needed work done on them in the next couple of months. Fairpoint Communications and Green Mountain Power are looking to reconstruct about a mile of utility lines along Kitchel Hill Road in Barnet, Vermont.


The utility lines that are currently in place have been experiencing problems transporting power and phone service to residents in the Barnet area. Green Mountain Power and Fairpoint communications are looked at to do the work, because they're the ones who have been working on these lines all along.

In order to do the work, the two companies need to file for an Act two-fifty permit. This permit is used in the state of Vermont, to address the environmental and community impacts of projects that exceed a certain threshold in size.

The permit itself calls for a thirty-six month time frame, in which re-construction of the utility lines will happen. According to Act 250 District seven coordinator Kirsten Sultan, there’s more that needs to be addressed before the two companies go through with re-construction.

“So there are some neighbors who have come forward and identified specific concerns related to criteria aesthetics, and other criteria, so the commission is convening a hearing that is currently scheduled for October 11th.”

Sultan also said that the aesthetic concerns were one of a very small list of factors that will lengthen the process of getting the re-construction started.

How much will the estimated cost be of the project?

“The application identifies that the estimated cost of construction is $147,000.” said Sultan. 

The project will also include partially re-locating a segment of the line that is currently cross country, and off the beaten path to an on road location.