Fall Foliage Bike Ride

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GROTON- As the weather becomes more chilly some people are going and biking on the Cross Vermont Trails. In honor of National Bike your Park Day, Saturday was the 20th annual Fall Foliage Bike Ride. The event was originally put on to get more people to use the trail for biking or walking. The ride in Vermont Started in the Groton State forest and went until the Wells River Conservation area.

“We actually ride on this trail because well maintained and super easy to ride”

says Mary Durfee. Fall foliage bike rides are popular around the country, at least in the states that experience the changing of the colors. Virginia has a bike ride through the Shenandoah Valley late October. The Section of the trail from Groton to Wells River actually has some interesting history to it and the the chair of the conservation commission and board member of the Cross Vermont Trail association Michael Thomas had some knowledge about the trail.

“The Rail-bed was given up in 1956 and the stipulations were that it would be used for recreation, in 1956 we didn’t have the mountain bikes or the snowmobiles so someone was really planning ahead”

This event is a yearly occurrence but you can use the trail whenever you want, on a bike, horse, or just your feet this trail is well kept and family friendly.