Barre Stand Down

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The Barre area Veteran Council is holding the first stand down in a few years in the state of Vermont Saturday the 30th. The stand down is a way to help veterans in need and their families by providing some essentials like clean clothes, haircuts, showers, and could also help them get into any programs they may need to have a better life. It has been a couple years since the last stand down was held in Vermont. 


"There hasn't been a stand down in a couple years because not enough groups were involved"


said St. Johnsbury American Legion worker Andrea Taylor. This year more groups got together to make this happen like the Disabled American veterans, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Elks Club, Sons of the Civil War. Thanks to more of these groups pitching in to this stand down there is hope for have more stand downs in the future and having them more frequently. 


"This will be a base marker for the future to see just how much help the state needs."


Transportation for this event will be provided for people who need it. According WCAX pick up points will be all around the state in: 


-St. Johnsbury 




-White River Junction





In order to get into the stand down and benefit from it you must show some type of identification like a military I.D. or a DD214. The stand down will run from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Barre City Auditorium which is located at 18 Seminary street.