A First For Lyndon In 150

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ThumbnailTemplate LYNDON - Lyndon Institute has been celebrating their one hundred and fifty year anniversary, but this school year they have something else to celebrate.

Lyndon Institute has never had a female head of school until Twiladawn Perry stepped into the position. 


Perry has held many positions at Lyndon Institute over her career, but this new position holds a very special honor. Being the first female head of school for Lyndon Institute she wasn't sure the school was ready for this historic change. 

"If you look at the wall there's man after man. So I wasn't sure if teh board or even the schol was ready for a female to step in. It feels kind of nice to be the first female," said Perry. 

Over Perry's twenty-seven year career at Lyndon Institute she has been the Head of the Special Education Department, Head of the Technical Education Department, and Assistant Head for Curriculum and Instruction. 

In her new job at Lynon Institute, Perry hopes to stabilize the school and help make the LI a better place for the community.