St. Johnsbury Recreation Sports

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pastedImageNORTHEAST KINGDOM– Grass stains and mud splattered all over their uniforms. Some of the great memories associated with rec sports, but playing rec sports as a child can also leave youth with some important life skills.

Joe Fox, who is responsible for the overseeing the daily operations of the Saint Johnsbury Recreation Department, believes that recreational activities easily have a lasting impact on children as they grow up.

“Recreation helps children to improve in all areas of life, as well as brings together children of all ages from different social and economic backgrounds, teaching them equality.”

Rather than being glued to a screen for hours on end, through recreational sports, children are exposed to the outdoors, the idea of being part of a team to achieve a common goal, and so much more.

Head Varsity Football Coach and Organizer at Recfit in Saint Johnsbury Rich Alercio strongly believes that every child can benefit from recreational activities.

“Aside from the physical benefits of these activities such as fighting obesity, children build greater interpersonal skills.”

Alercio says he even see’s the benefits of youth rec programs on his Varsity athletes, years after their involvement with such programs.

“Definitely, I see the type of quality men that they are out on the field, and that type of social skills can only be learned throughout their earliest days, and involvement in recreational sports.”

The social and emotional skills learned through recreation programs, teach children how to act in the real world way before they are faced with the realities of life.

“Independent life skills are being bettered for children who participate in these types of activities. Opposed to children whose only interaction takes place behind a monitor,” said Fox.

Of course along with building interpersonal skills through these types of programs. Children often times build some long lasting friendships.

Fox’s son was involved in Lyndonville youth hockey, and boasted about how great it is to see his kids and the friends he made through rec involvements continue to be strong today.

“I love to see him and his friends who met through rec programs continue to stay friends throughout High School. Seeing all of their prom photos on Facebook, the growth that all took place at an early age.”

All of those smiling faces running around in a fun loving atmosphere, brings back your own childhood memories, and that’s Fox’s main message.

“We want the children to have a great experience throughout not only our recreation programs, but any programs that are put on in this area,” said Fox.

“Because we are run by volunteers, I highly suggest people to get out and volunteer, help the next generation experience the same joy you had at that age.”

Whatever recreational activity it may be, there are many ways that children will benefit from the experience, which result in long lasting life skills.