Littleton and Lyndon Face School Budget Changes

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ClassroomAROUND THE NEK - Town related issues are not the only focus in up coming meetings on Town Meeting Day. Two towns in Vermont and New Hampshire are facing changes within their education department. Lyndon and Littleton, are both looking at changes in their school budget.

 In New Hampshire they will see a decrease in the proposed school budget due to major cuts and re-adjustments for the year. Littleton saw dramatic increases in taxes and overall tax rates therefore a cut of 300 thousand dollars was made.

“The two very important things to most people are children and their livelihoods, its been an interesting process and I think the citizens of Littleton and the town of Littleton will, as they alway have, will do a great job with this election”, said superintendent Steve Nilhas.


Lyndon, Vermont is also looking to vote on whether to decrease the school board budget, however this comes with an unusual turn for tax payers. They will potentially face an increase in their taxes. 


The town of Lyndon is looking to make a few changes regarding their educational system. Act 46 has the Lyndon school district debating whether to combine their school district with others like Burke, Concord, and Sutton. Under Act 46 towns are seen as their own districts, the idea is that by combining districts it will bring down costs for education and increase the students experience. Over time Act 46 will require more schools to merge together.  


These new potential changes will be voted on in Australian style tomorrow February 7th at the Lyndon Town School School from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Residents of New Hampshire will also have the opportunity to vote on these issues as well as their town issues March 14th at the Littleton Highway Garage.