Lyndon Youth Basketball

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lyndon youth bballLYNDON- Some young lucky athletes have been receiving coaching help from top notch high school basketball players.
For the past seven years, Lyndon Institute has sent students down to help assist at games and practices and has found that it works well.

 "The kids love the kids. They actually interact with them better, it's better listening to an older kid than it is listening to your parent" says President Meridith Berry, of the Lyndon Youth Basketball program.

The Lyndon Institute athletes help students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade as a way to give back to the community.

"It's pretty cool, I remember being in it (the youth program), playing it and how fun it was. And now being able to help them learn all the skills is cool" says Lyndon Institute basketball player, Madalyn Sanborn. "I think that, especially at this age, they don't know a lot of the skills, so a lot of it is just working really hard and hustling. That's really important" says Sanborn.

However, despite the vast amount of help from the students, the program still struggles to keep their coaches. "We do have a lot of parent volunteer coaches as well. It's hard to find coaches, we beg and plea a lot of times" said Meridith Berry.

The youth basketball season ends next Saturday with their "Super Saturday" tournament.