Creative Education

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arteducationAROUND THE NEK - Education from the earliest of enrollment ages is pivotal in helping to shape a person's development.  It's more than just the basic reading, writing and math skills however.

Placing an importance on your child's art education can help to create a better base for their education later on in life, and open new doors to display their creative aspects.

Dana Karuza, the Art Education Program Coordinator at Catamount Arts believes that art education is an important part of every child's early education.  "Research shows the academic achievement, social/emotional development and civic engagement all increase," said Karuza.  "The arts are associated with gains in math, reading, language, and literacy, and higher level critical thinking skills such as problem solving and creative expression."

The Riverside School was one of many schools across the Northeast Kingdom to put on events to support the arts and children's creativity, where students' pieces were put on display.

"Art allows the students be truly expressive, it encourages expression throughout the schools, and helps to build on a student's strengths", said Amalia Harris, Art Teacher at Riverside.

"Fine motor skills are developed through activities such as gluing, scissor work, painting and drawing, gross motor skills are supported through dance and other movement arts activities," proclaimed Karuza.

Of course the subject of art is not confined to just painting and drawing, but every clear form of expression, including song and dance.  All forms of art have their benefits when it comes to a student's development.

When asked why there should be an importance placed on art education in schools, Kuraza said, "because art is fun, playful and joyful!"

"Open ended and process oriented art experiences support many aspects of childhood development," said Karuza.  "Art is created in both solitude and community which are both very basic human needs."

Art helps to touch on all the critically important aspects that help to create a rich life, which is why exposure to the arts at an early age can leave children with an advantage when growing up.