Pine, Bows and Holiday Spirit

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wreath thumbBARNET - With the season of giving right around the corner, the holiday spirit was sparking to life early in Barnet on Wednesday night. Members of the public came together for a little arts and crafts project.

The Barnet Public Library hosted a wreath making event for community members young and old. This is their third year hosting this type of workshop, and it has turned into one of their most popular events. The event was so popular that the library had to put together a wait list for participants.

"Everyone has the same amount of material and the same instructions and they all turned out differently," says Emily Meacham, a Barnet resident. She also attended the event last year and although she doesn't consider herself a "pro," she enjoys attending the event.
However, the event is more than just arts and crafts. Some say it is also about bringing community members together, and the atmosphere it creates. Julie Roos, a member of the library board not only enjoys the smell of fresh pine, but also the community environment this event brings. "Wreath making is the smell. It smells great, actually its just really the happy chatter. It's just everybody kind of murmuring and talking and laughing... its just a really nice, I think it fills the room with lots of great energy."
The library board hopes this event will bring joy for years to come.