Lyndon State Recieves New Name

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AROUND THE NEK - LLyndon Stateyndon State College has been a staple in the Northeast Kingdom since the early 1960’s, and today, the Vermont State College’s Board of Trustees agreed on a new name for the soon-to-be unified institution.


Northern Vermont University at Lyndon will now take the place of what has been known as Lyndon State College for over a half a century. The new name stems from a unification plan the VSC Board of Trustees established between Johnson State College and Lyndon State College back in July of this year. According to a press release sent out by the VSC Board of Trustees, “the boards decision to create a larger, stronger institution is intended to expand opportunities for students, strengthen institutional finances, and ensure continued access to high-quality, post secondary education in the northern region of Vermont.”

Although the two schools will become a single accredited college, the identities of the two institutions will remain the same. Lyndon State College’s Dean of Students, Jonathan Davis, urges students, faculty, and alumni to not worry, “Our brand, our mascot is something that is pretty important to some of our students and alumni, so that’s something we will want to be sensitive too,” says Davis.

Northern Vermont University was a name recommended by VSC Chancellor Jeb Spaulding which circulated around both campuses. “It’s very important with branding and marketing that we have Vermont in that name and so I think the chancellor also envisioned regions of Vermont as far as northern and southern and I think that’s why you see northern in there as part of the suggestion,” says Davis. Other name suggestions included Vermont State University, Northern Vermont State University, Vermont Collaborative University, and Vermont State College with campuses in Johnson and Lyndon.

However, if you attend either college and you are not a fan of the new name, the change will not be taking place until July of 2018, meaning the next two years of graduates will be graduating from Lyndon State College and Johnson State College respectively.

Alumni that do like the name are expected to be given the option of changing the name on their diploma, from Lyndon State College or Johnson State College to Northern Vermont University.

“When Castleton State got their name changed to a university they got permission from the Board of Trustees to reach out to all of their alumni and say 'Hey, would you like to have Castleton State College on your diploma or Castleton State University?' And form what I heard, the response was very positive, and I think that’s something that we can do for sure,” says Davis.

Until then, branding, budget, and more will be the on the Board of Trustees plan for the next few years.