New Faces Coming Soon

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vote thumbnailAROUND THE NEK - The ballots have been counted and the races have been called. Vermont will be seeing some new faces starting in 2017.


With 53 percent of the vote, Republican Phil Scott came out on top defeating his opponents Sue Minter, and Bill Lee. Scott addressed a crowd at the Sharton in South Burlington Tuesday night after it his nomination was announced.

During his speech he briefly touched upon his future staff. "We need to develop a budget we are going to have to solicit resumes and take applications, we need talented people to be a part of my administration."

However Scott will not be joined by Republican Randy Brock as Lieutenant Governor but will be working with Democrat David Zuckerman. Scott believes this wont be an issue. "I was Lieutenant Governor of a different party than the governor and I found ways to work with him."

Vermont will not see a new US Senate face. Patrick Leahy took the victory for the race. Leahy took 61 percent of the vote. This will be Leahy's 8th term as a US Senator for Vermont and is happy to represent Vermont. " I really appreciate it because they have put there trust in me and they have said very clearly they dont like negative campaigns. (and) I never had a negative campaign, never have, and never would."

With some new faces and some old, Vermont may see some big changes in the future.