Lowe's Helps Littleton

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LITTLETONLITTLETON, NH- The Littleton Information Booth is getting an upgrade from the Lowes' hometown Hero Project.




The Lowes' Hometown Hero Project is done on an annual basis.  How the Hero Project works is that Lowe's donates all the materials and the labor to complete the project.  The Director of downtown Littleton Jessica Bunker, is fortunate the Littleton Information Booth was chosen for this years project.  

“To have an immediately nice environment and a good feeling space is really special so we were lucky to be selected for the project,” Bunker said.

The repairs that are being made are replacing windows, some of the ceiling tiles and also shingling.  Bunker says that when natural elements come into the building, it’s a problem.

“Really more than anything it was just a weatherization issue,” said Bunker.  “We were having the elements come inside our building which was effecting our ability to do our work.”

Lowe's embraces teamwork as a key ingrediant in an engaging work force.  According to Lowes website they believe that by working together they can build something better.  For the company, customers and also communities.  Across North America Lowes has done more than 1,300 projects and contributed more than $1.3 million in materials.

The Littleton Information Booth is open from Memorial day to Columbus day.  They can provide visitors information on the towns history, local events and also what to do if you're a tourist in the area.