Beaver Problems in Harvey Lake

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AROUND THE NEK - Barnet has been reducing the water level of Harvey Lake slowly but surely. The process, however, hasn't been the easiest for the town. One local animal has been making the process rather difficult: the beaver.

Due to beavers' natural instinct of making dams, workers in the town have been delayed a little while longer.
These dams, while providing protection and shelter for the animals, interrupt the process of reducing the water level in the late. Furthermore, after enough time has passed, these dams become part of the overall ecosystem, which leaves the town with little choice but to relocate the beavers. Dylan Ford, member of the Barton select board, explains the reason behind the high number of beavers. "There seem to be a lot of them. It's the perfect habitat for beavers so we've actually removed several sets of beavers, and they keep coming back whether it's from Jewit Brook, or I'm not sure. It's the perfect environment really for them," Ford explains.
Barnet plans to continue to lower the dam; it has already been lowered by fourteen inches and will continue to lower more, once all the material from the dams have been removed. The water should drop another couple feet in the next few weeks.