Archery Season

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AArchery SeasonROUND THE NEK - Expect a little more action in the woods this weekend, because Saturday marks the first day of Vermont’s archery season.

The season is for white-tailed deer and according to Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife’s website, Vermont is the leading state in hunting bucks per square mile then any other New England State. Hunting deer is the favorite among Vermont's 65,000 hunters.


This may sound like a lot of hunted deer, however, licensed hunters are permitted only 3 deer per calendar year in order to maintain population. These deer can be hunt in multiple seasons including Youth Weekend, November Rifle season, and the December Muzzleloader season. Of the 3 hunted deer, only two can be legal bucks, and only one buck can be hunted per season.


Marvin Ainsworth of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department explains that while deer population isn't as high as previous years, that should not be a deterrent for hunters this season. “It took them quite a while to get the herd back, and isn’t really back where it’s supposed to be, but there is quite a few deer,” Ainsworth says.

This years archery season allows for hunters 50 years and older to use crossbows without a special permit. Crossbows are different then your typical bow and arrow and were originally used as a weapon in war. Today, many hunters use a crossbow because it’s cost effective as well as an easier method to hunting then a traditional bow and arrow.

Ainsworth, on the other hand, does not understand the need for them. “It’s a big market in crossbow… and I don’t see why… you know you are still going to get people that are going to take not a good shot.”

Vermont’s archery season is split into two parts with the first beginning this Saturday, October 1st and will continue through Friday, October 28th. The second part will start up again Saturday, December 3rd and continue until Sunday, December 11th.