Newbury Fire

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NEWBURY- One family learned just how quickly their luck could change. Over the weekend, the Craig residence in Newbury lost their home to a house fire.

17-year-old Alaniey Craig was watching her younger brother this past weekend when their home on Evergreen Drive caught ablaze. Craig said her brother had lit a scented candle and the two had gone into the kitchen for snacks, when her younger brother noticed the fire.

According to Craig, her brother Tyler started throwing cups of water on the fire in hopes to put it out, but Craig's main thought was "just getting him out of there". The two children made it out alive, and unharmed, but homeless, with their two dogs, cats, and pet mice. Now, Craig, and her family are living with a family member in Newbury but they don't know whats next.

Today, Craig said Red Cross had brought the family money for food and to replace their clothes.

According to the Newbury fire department, this is the first trailer they have been able to save in 50 years. While the outside of the trailer is still intact, the inside is irreparable; the bedroom where the fire started is completely black, and the rest of the house is heavily damaged from heat and smoke.

While no timeline has been given for the home's renovation, or possible demolition, the family is still optimistic, and is very happy that no one was hurt.