Phat Kats Closing

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phatkatsLYNDONVILLE - The local bar scene in Lyndon is now about to completely be lost. Phat Kats Tavern will be closing their doors on October 14th due to increases in insurance rates. The rates became more expensive than they thought, due to a local insurance company being bought out by a larger corporate company.

Phat Kats was expected to pay $11,000 more then there previous insurance rates, which made the workers and owner have a tough choice. However, that choice had to be to closure of their doors. Jason Coletto, a worker at Phat Kats Tavern, explains the situation. "The insurance was handled by a local mom and pop agency, that insurance agency has recently been bought out by a major company, when the major company came in they decided that the rates were way too low and they were citing an eleven thousand dollar increase in insurance," Coletto says.

Businesses in Vermont are expected to pay two different insurance taxes; one for the building and the other for the business side itself. This ultimately makes some businesses a lot more expensive and difficult to profit from.

However, not everyone is sad for Phat Kats to be closing their doors. People who lived in the apartments upstairs would often complain about the loudness and rowdiness of some of the customers. Alex Zarkowski was one of those. "I was surprised to see the note on my door, but in a pleasant way because it was pretty rowdy."

Until the closing date of October 14th, patrons at Phat Kats Tavern will still be able to enjoy the open doors.