Apple Season

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Apple thumbAROUND THE NEK - During fall, leaves aren't the only thing to drop to the ground, apples are starting to as well!

Apple picking season has officially begun! Adults and children from around the Northeast Kingdom are coming out to Burtt's Apple Orchard to take part in the fall tradition. Greg Burtt the owner of the orchard loves this time of year, "This time of the year is definitely fun getting to meet the new people and see people that come every year."

 The orchard grows 40 different types of apples but the biggest hits are Macintosh, Cortland, MCallen, and Honey Crisp.  Burtt can't grow enough of these apples, "we kinda figures as we were starting the orchard, yeah we gotta grow more of those."

Many different things can be made from these apples, such as Cheryl McAllisteer's famous apple cider donuts, "Seeing people eat one of my donuts for the first time because its usually oh my god, it's so good!"

Along with the donuts, local school Four Seasons will be using the apples in their farm to school program to teach the kids how to take advantage of the resources around them. Michelle Laflam, the executive director of the program helps teach the children this skill, "at the beginning of the tour they learn how an apple is grown and then they are able to pick it and bring it back to the school and then with the farm to school program they will be able to make something with the apple."

The season runs until October 31st. Be sure to go pick some apples before they all fall to the ground!