Suspect of Sheffield Murder May Change Plea

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Fletcher ThumbSHEFFIELD - One of the men accused of murdering 78 year old, Mary Pat O'Hagan back in 2010 is scheduled to appear in court and may change his plea. Richard Fletcher, 27, of Sheffield, is expected to attend a plea hearing Thursday in the Caledonia Superior Court at 10:00 a.m.

 O'Hagan was reported missing in September 2010, with signs of foul play. Nearly a month later, she was found dead by a hunter in a remote section of the woods near Wheelock.  She was reported to have been shot in the back of the head.  

After three and a half years of no leads, Micahel Norrie, 23, of St. Johnsbury appeared in the Caledonia court for separate charges; and during a verbal outbreak, made a comment about O'Hagan.

After an investigation in 2014, Norrie, as well as cousins, Fletcher and Keith Baird, 33, of Sutton were accused of burglary, kidnapping, and first degree murder of O'Hagan.  The three men denied all charges.

Court documents describe the incident as a "robbery gone wrong," allegedly initiated by the three men searching for prescription pills and money for drugs.

Baird and Norrie also had conferences Tuesday morning, but no plea dates were assigned.